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"Particular stand outs include Amanda Briskin-Wallace as the Fairy Godmother, whose vivacity and palpable sense of irony lit up the stage." -

Hilary Goldman (The Heights Players - Vice President)

"A true beam of light and joy. I'm so glad [she] walked into my audition room, as [she] have brought the best energy to this show."

Wayne Morris (Composer & Lyricist)

"Amanda is a great team player, and her positive attitude fit perfectly into the team spirit we fostered that helped make the project such a success (and fun!)."

Amy Cordileone (NYU - Clinical Assistant Professor in Educational Theatre)

"[Amanda has] the expressive/storytelling tendency of people who've spent their lives performing, as well as the safety ears/eyes of a parent/caretaker, & the logistical brain of an executive director."


About Me

Amanda Briskin-Wallace (She/Her) is a New York City based actor, singer and teaching artist. She studied at New York University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Educational Theatre: Performance and Production with a minor in American Sign Language. She is a passionate creator and firmly believes theater and art is the strongest tool for education and change. When not performing she is working as a Teaching Artist and occasionally does makeup (see on her instagram @amanda_bdubs).

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